Monday, July 22, 2013

WHAT NEXT!! .... An Environment & Development dilemma

This poem is a representation of the dilemma I face when confronted with issues of Environment & Development.


It was a pleasant Friday morning

The bright sun shining

Into the city I walked

Unmindful of the killer that stalked

Axe after axe fell on the tree

Save me! Save me! cried the tree

I was hurt, I was outraged

Within no time the tree would bite the dust

And I stood there, wondering what next!!

Appeared a wise man to speak for the tree

Doesn’t it have the right to live free?

It provides you food, clothing and shelter

Without which you would be a pauper

Convinced appeared the woodcutter
But said I have to wield the axe for survival
Today morning someone lost his father
If it is not this tree, it would be some other
I still stood there as the woodcutter left
Wondering what next!!


  1. Sir, You hav achieved the rare feat which many poets often fail to achieve, which is successfully viewed together with ur thoughts in the simplest words. However, the depth and content in the poem have still not been lost.
    The poetry wins on the most important thing: IMAGINATION and a HUMAN TOUCH. I would advise you sir to keep writing as there is definite promise and potential.. Looking forward to see your next book on Poetry.

  2. :( Can feel your angst. Beautifully expressed. But seriously, what next>?!

  3. Remembered the trek to Bhimgad. I was amazed then by the simplicity containing so much for us to ponder over.... And am still amazed...