Thursday, May 19, 2011


This poem is inspired & dedicated to the jungles of the Western Ghats, where more than often I wish to get lost in the woods. That someone like me could pen a poem, that too a long one, as I sat watching the Savri Waterfall cascade in Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is a testimony to the stimulating effect of the jungle. During my recent visit to Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh similar feelings clouded my mind and hence this post. 


The monsoon was fast approaching
Dark clouds gathered over the skies
The mystic woods beckoned me
To come to their abode and fly

Out I set with my camera
To capture a winged beauty
What I did not foresee
Was the magic of the woods and it’s majesty

I followed the birds and the butterflies
Unmindful of the jungle moods
Within no time I found myself
Lost in the woods!!

I was scared and I panicked
Knowing not what to do
Mother Nature told me not be scared and be true
She said she would guide me and
tell me what to do

The dark woods and the beasts
I found to be friends
How unlike humans
Who turn foes and rarely friends!

I had water to drink and fruits to eat
Leafy cushion to sleep and rocks to sit
My friends in the woods allowed me to be the first
To enter the river and quench my thirst

How happy was I to experience this mood
I hope all of you one day get lost in the woods!!


  1. beautiful and deep...its rhythmic momentum serenades you. nice sublime ending..keep going bro)))

  2. really nice poem sir...the beauty and the joys of woods expressed in a simple way...:)

  3. Will you give permission to publish the poem in our May ezine?